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Mouche, a brand designed just for kids, is the fruit of a collaboration between two sisters, Sandra and Samantha. This original and interesting name is simply the nickname that was given to Samantha when she was a child. After their studies in design and modelling, the two sisters decided to pool their talent and their common passion for fabrics to create a magical and charming world surrounded by wizards, fairies and queens. You will love the handmade creations of this adorable line of products made in France. 

Crown Silver

430 Kč

Silver Star Wand

460 Kč

Black Star Wand

460 Kč

Collar Apricot

860 Kč

Collar Pink

860 Kč

Collar Gray

860 Kč

Black Velvet Cape

1 240 Kč

Pink Cape with Collar

1 360 Kč

Red Glitter Tutu

1 460 Kč